Child 3 Layer Cotton Mask
Child 3 Layer Cotton Mask

Child 3 Layer Cotton Mask

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We are all in this together!  

Introducing our Very Carrot - Child Size 3 Layer Cotton Mask with pocket for disposable filters to support all of you out there who are wondering where or how to get a hold of one. 

The best part of this product is that with each purchase you will be helping fund the production of masks being donated to front line worker and helping small sewing contractor businesses stay afloat during these though time. 

Our 3 layer cotton masks are 100% handmade in USA:

The front layer, second & third layer are made of 100% cotton.  The third layer is the pocket compartment sewn in to hold the disposable filter (disposable filters not included).

There are some studies show that coffee filter, blue wash towel, a paper towel or folded paper towel and 2pcs x tissue papers are good alternative material we can use as filters.  


  • Child's age 3-4:  3.75"  x 3.25" 
  • Child's age 5-6:  4.25" x 4"
  • Child's age 7-8:  4.75" x 4.25"
  • Child's age 9-10:  5.25" x 4.5"

Remarks:  Please note that our children's masks are sized according to age (years old), you may need to size up or down depending on your child's developmental growth.



Machine wash with similar color in cold water, hang or air dry.

Beauty Print colors available at: Beauty Print 3 Layer Woven/Cotton Mask

Solid colors available at: Solid 3 Layer Woven/Cotton Mask

100% Cotton available at: Solid 3 layer 100% Cotton Mask


Disclaimer: These are not direct substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are not FDA approved.  We do not make any claims that masks will prevent any airborne viruses. Protection against fine particulate, pollen, dusty environment and haze. This is a personal use item and may not be returned or exchanged.  Discounts will not apply to this product.

Please remember to support our heroic health care workers as they are standing strong and valiant through these difficult times.  We encourage you to following CDC orders by wearing a fabric mask when you need to go out in public and help preserve medical masks to save medical worker's lives!  We are all in this together!  Please continue to practice social distancing, staying at home,  healthy and safe!

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us at

Child 3 Layer Cotton Mask
Child 3 Layer Cotton Mask
Child 3 Layer Cotton Mask
Child 3 Layer Cotton Mask