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Lunah Akoya Pearl Necklace Set
Lunah Akoya Pearl Necklace Set

Lunah Akoya Pearl Necklace Set

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Our Lunah Akoya Pearl Necklace features an astral design with a breathtaking pearl at the end of the cluster that beautifully compliments your delicate neckline. (Necklace included)

product details
Product Type: Necklace
Product Measurements: 0.99"X 10"
Pearl Type: Baroque Akoya & Baroque Tahitian
Pearl Size:  8.4mm
Pearl Color:  Blue/Grey
Metal Type:  S925

Akoya Cultured Pearls
Akoya pearls, the first cultured pearl production pioneered by Mikimoto Kōkichi, their body color range from white, silvery blue-grey, cream to pink. They are often complimented by a rose or ivory overtone.

Pearl Care & Additional Information

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