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Sienna Tahitian Pearl Pendant
Sienna Tahitian Pearl Pendant
Sienna Tahitian Pearl Pendant
Sienna Tahitian Pearl Pendant

Sienna Tahitian Pearl Pendant

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Our Tahitian Pearl Pendant features a gorgeous Tahitian pearl over a bed of two circles of gorgeous white stones.  

product details
Product Type: Pendant
Product Measurements: 
Pearl Type: Tahitian Pearl
Pearl Size:  12.7mm
Pearl Color:  Black/Grey Overtones
Metal Type:  S925
Stone Type: Zircon
Chain Type: Flat Snake/S925/18" (Chain sold separately)

Tahitian Cultured Pearls
Tahitian cultured pearl or black pearls, don’t just come in the colors of grey, black and brown, in fact, they will almost certainly display blue to green, copper, purple, yellowish green or pink overtones.  In the pearl industry, the term “pistachio”, “aubergine”, or “peacock” is often used to vividly describe the Tahitian pearl color.

Pearl Care & Additional Information

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