Dikuza Genuine Pearl Jewelry

Introducing Dikuza's profoundly beautiful pearls brought to you as nature intended them to be - imperfectly beautiful and unique.  There is nothing more beautiful than the imperfect perfection of mother nature!  

Only real pearls are used in our creations. This ensures that our jewelry is of the highest quality and that each piece is unique and authentic. Using real pearls in our jewelry sets Dikuza apart from other brands, as it guarantees that our customers are getting a genuine product that is made with care and attention to detail. 

All the pearls used in our jewelry are natural color and have not been dyed. This means that the beautiful colors of their pearls are completely natural and have not been altered in any way. Natural-colored pearls are highly prized for their unique colors, which can range from white to cream, pink, yellow, green, and even black. The natural colors of pearls are what make them so special and give each piece of Dikuza jewelry its own unique beauty. 

925 Sterling silver is used for our jewelry pieces. Sterling silver is a high-quality metal that is both beautiful and durable, making it a great choice for jewelry. The use of sterling silver in our jewelry not only adds to its beauty but also makes it more affordable than other precious metal options, making Dikuza's pearl jewelry accessible to a wider audience. 

By incorporating zircon into our jewelry pieces, it can add even more beauty and brilliance to our designs, while still being affordable. Zircon is a real mineral and is naturally occurring. It is not a synthetic or artificially created stone, its bright luster and high refractive index, which gives it a diamond-like sparkle. The combination of the luster of the zircon with the natural beauty of the pearl creates a unique and elegant look that is perfect for any occasion and budget.

"All our photos are taken with the actual piece for true representation. Trust us for an accurate, beautiful shopping experience."

Pearl Care & Additional Information