Washing Tips and Ideas

    How to Wash Acrylic Materials?

    Acrylic materials typically do not require special detergents, just special handling. Unless otherwise noted on the care instructions, these materials can be safely washed in the washing machine using the methods below.

    You Will Need:

    • Lingerie laundering bag
    • Mild soap such as Woolite

    Steps to Wash Acrylic Materials:

      1. Place the item in a lingerie bag for extra protection during the wash cycle.
      2. Fill the washing machine with warm to cool water and place the item in along with other like-colored items.
      3. Wash on the gentle cycle for a quick and gentle wash. Front loading washers are even better because they do not have the center agitator that can cause damage to the material.
      4. Remove the piece from the washer after the spin cycle is completed.
      5. Reshape the piece to its original shape and allow it to air dry on top of a clean towel.

      Additional Tips and Ideas:

      If the item you are cleaning is fragile or delicate, hand wash it instead. When it is washed and rinsed, roll it in a towel and gently press the water out of it. Avoid wringing out water as this can cause stretching and damage. Reshape the piece and leave it on a dry towel to air dry.

      How to Clean Fleece?

      Fleece fabrics are predominantly made from polyester and are usually outwear because of its water repellent qualities.

      Caring for Fleece:

        1. Fleece items are generally safe to wash in the washing machine.
        2. When laundering fleece items, wash items inside-out on the gentle cycle using the warm wash and rinse.
        3. Use only mild powdered detergents (such as Dreft or Ivory Snow) as all-purpose liquid detergents may cause the item to lose its water-resistance (a primary quality of fleece, and the reason it is so suitable for outerwear).
        4. Fleece may also be hand washed, again using a mild powdered detergent.
        5. If you place your fleece item in the dryer (rather than hanging to air dry), set the dryer at its lowest setting and remove promptly when cycle is done.

              Additional Tips and Ideas:

              NEVER use fabric softeners or bleach (regular or color-safe) on fleece items as both chemicals will reduce the water-resistance of the fabric.

                NEVER iron fleece. Direct contact with even a warm iron may leave a permanent mark on the item.


                How to Wash Rayon?

                Rayon is not as sturdy a fabric as cotton and will not stand up to the same level of abuse that we put cotton T-shirts and jeans through. If you put a rayon dress through a washer/dryer in a load with say, jeans, then in the tumbling, the jeans will rub and pull on the dress's seams. If you machine wash rayon items alone or better yet in a net bag, then the rayon item will hold up just fine.

                Steps to Hand Wash Rayon:

                  1. If you wash a rayon garment that isn't washable it will shrink, stretch, and possibly bleed dyes all over. You may not be able to wear it again so be sure to double-check the label's instructions.
                  2. Wash in cool or temperate water with your hand-washing detergent. Gently squeeze and massage the soapsuds into the fabric. Rinse thoroughly in cool water.
                  3. Never wring, twist, or bunch up rayon. Shake it out gently and smooth out the wrinkles with your hands.
                  4. Hang your garment on a non-metal hanger to dry. Wire hangers will most likely leave rust spots on your garment. If it could lose it's shape, you can dry it flat. It will dry best on a drying rack this way rather than on a towel if you have one.
                  5. Be sure to iron all rayon inside out to prevent it from shining. Use low heat and press it while it is slightly damp to ease the wrinkling. If you must touch up the right side of the garment, be sure to cover it with your pressing cloth first.

                  Additional Tips and Ideas:

                  Be sure to iron rayon while it's still DAMP. It will make the job much easier.
                  NEVER iron rayon right side out without a pressing cloth to protect it. Rayon will gain a shine to it if you iron it directly. Either iron the inside of the garment or use a pressing cloth on the outside.